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     (Chester, NJ, July 30, 2001) Seventy six million American “Baby Boomers” born between 1946 and 1964 are moving toward retirement in an era of increasing affluence and mobility, and the number of relocating retirees is expected to rise substantially above the current annual rate of 1,000,000. Award-winning geographer and professor at California State University, Warren Bland, Ph.D. has done your homework for you in this beautifully illustrated book, RETIRE IN STYLE: 50 AFFORDABLE PLACES ACROSS AMERICA (Next Decade, $22.95).
      Drawing on the professional research he has done during the last 20 years, Bland identified the twelve criteria most important to retirees. According to AARP, today’s retirees are living longer and more actively, and are demanding a different mix of opportunities than did earlier generations. For many, upscale retirement no longer implies country club or beach resort living, but rather an active lifestyle in a safe, friendly, community that is rich in amenities. What criteria are retirees looking for?
      RETIRE IN STYLE will provide readers with the information they need to make intelligent choices among 50 outstanding upscale communities widely distributed across 10 regions and 23 states. Careful consideration was given to the final twelve criteria covered for each place (landscape, climate, quality of life, cost of living, transportation, retail services, health care, community services, cultural activities, recreational activities, work/volunteer activities, and crime). Each place discussion includes five to six pages of text, plus a beautifully crafted illustration page featuring a climatic table, a twelve-variable rating table, and a map of the city and its surroundings.
      Current books on American retirement towns are typically superficial or uneven in content, overly reliant on anecdotal information from local residents, and weak in their understanding of the physical environment of these places. RETIRE IN STYLE, written by an economic geographer and award-winning professor specializing in the regional geography of North America, takes a more objective, scientific approach to the study of retirement places and the result is a readable and informative book.

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